Make Way for the Osprey!

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The more people know about osprey, the more they love them.
A symbol of a healthy environment, this majestic raptor has mastery over the land, sea and air. Ospreys have made Long Island’s coastlines and abundant fish populations their home. These powerful migratory hunters tend to come back to the same location each year to nest and raise their young.
Historically ospreys would nest near the water in dead trees. Now, ospreys often choose other high locations such as telephone and utility poles, posing serious safety concerns for both the birds and our customers. That’s why we’ve successfully – and carefully – provided new homes by relocating almost 20 osprey nests to specially-built platforms.
PSEG Long Island has installed 24-hour webcams at two of the nests that were safely relocated by line workers. Since the resurgence of the osprey population, PSEG Long Island and its dedicated team have identified best practices for when to move a nest, and when to create alternative safer nests for the ospreys. For more information and to view the nests, visit