Made on Long Island: Spectronics Corp. in Melville

You may not know this, but there's a special dye in almost every car that can help pinpoint leaks.
However, there's only one company that makes it and they're located on Long Island.

News 12's Jenn Seelig visited Spectronics Corp. in Melville in this week's Made on Long Island to learn more.
"We can provide dyes from everything from a window air conditioner to a nuclear power plant," says President of Spectronics Corp. Jon Cooper.

Cooper and his family have been proudly making the dyes since the company was founded in 1955 by his father, Bill Cooper. He invented fluorescent leak detection and since then, the technology has grown.

"The formulation is patented so we're the only ones that can make it. And it all probably started in my dad's kitchen,” says Cooper.

The family now sells the dyes in all sizes, from small one-ounce bottles to five-gallon jugs.

In 1980, Ford added Spectronics dyes on their production line to help detect manufacturing errors to help them build safer cars. 

The chemical lab is in their Westbury facility, but all the packaging and distribution happens in Melville.