Long Island's phase 2 businesses anxiously awaiting opportunity to reopen

With phase one of Long Island's reopening possibly days away, businesses included in phase two are hoping their chance to open up shop is just weeks away.
Construction, some retail with curbside or in-store pickup and manufacturing could get the go-ahead to open Wednesday across Long Island.
But for people like Denise Tristano, a Massapequa Park salon owner, their time is still a little while away. Though salons are part of the second phase, it is giving some hope that their closure won't be too much longer.
"It gives me a ton of hope ... I was praying this doesn't go into July," says Tristano.
Other phase two services include in-store retail and in-person real estate meetings. Tristano says she's readjusting her whole salon to keep customers safe.
"I am doing everything I can to take those precautions," she says. "It's costing me thousands, and I haven't even brought in a penny."
Phase three would see the reopening of in-restaurant dining and phase four includes arts, entertainment and education venues.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the unlocking of each phase depends on the Island's health numbers. And with a recent downward trend, he's encouraging businesses to be ready.
Despite the positive signs, health professionals are stressing that everyone needs to continue following safety protocols to reduce the chance of a second wave.
"But all it takes is one person and you'll have an explosion, just like we had before," says Northwell Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Battinelli.