Long Islanders plan to take part in nationwide School Walkout Day over mask mandates in schools

Many Long Islanders say they plan to take part in a nationwide School Walkout Day on Friday morning.
Parents, teachers and students will be participating by either not showing up to school or pulling their children out of school early during their first week back.
Gov. Kathy Hochul implemented a universal mask policy for all children in all school districts in the state. Massapequa mother Deanne Dunn says she will be pulling her children out of school at 10 a.m. Friday.
In a statement, the Massapequa superintendent responded to those who plan to participate. It reads in part, "An unauthorized exit from the building will be viewed as an infraction to our Code of Conduct and will result in consequences as outlined in the code. This includes jeopardizing a fall athlete's eligibility to participate as a Massapequa team member."
But Dunn and other parents are willing to take a stand.
"Let the kids just breathe. They hang out together, Look at how close they are after school. But in school they have to have masks on it makes absolutely no sense," Dunn says.