Long Island seeing stagnant COVID-19 numbers, except in kids

The number of COVID-19 cases on Long Island has remained relatively unchanged in the last few months except in children.
"In last week's profile, 30% of all of our positive cases were in kids under 18 years old," They certainly don't make up 30% of our population," explains Nassau County Health Commissioner Lawrence Einstein.
Kids are disproportionately testing positive for a multitude of reasons, including extensive testing in New York.
Pediatricians say cases among kids are on the rise because they are spending more time together on playgrounds and back in school.
Einstein says the majority of children who get COVID-19 will be fine. However, pediatricians urge parents to stay alert.
"With the uptick in pediatric cases, we are worried about something called MIS-C, which is multi inflammatory syndrome in children," says Dr. Sara Siddiqui, a pediatrician with NYU Langone Huntington Medical Group.
Siddiqui says MIS-C very rare, and she does not want to scare people but says that it is something that parents should be aware of.
"Parents should look out for after a possible COVID diagnosis 3 to 4 weeks later, high fever, vomiting symptoms, headaches, diarrhea, pain or swelling," Siddiqui says.
Einstein says getting Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for a vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 would be a step in the right direction.
"There's a possibility before the Christmas week and New Year's comes, everyone 5 and over can be vaccinated, and that will certainly help us get through the winter season," he says.
The FDA advisory panel is expected to meet at the end of October.
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