Long Island reports average COVID-19 positivity rate decrease; still above state average

Long Island's COVID-19 numbers are showing a downward trend - and medical experts say now is not the time to ease up on safety.
Across the nation, the delta variant has taken a toll on some communities as people gathered during the Labor Day holiday weekend.
The average positivity rate declined from over 4.4% last week to 4.23% Saturday. Long Island's average, though, is still above the state average - 3.22%.
Farmingdale held its annual St. Patrick's Day ahead of next year after having to cancel the 2021 parade. Attendees say despite the delta variant, they still do plan to attend indoor and outdoor events but will use caution.
Chris Michael, of Brooklyn, tells News 12 that he attended a wedding this weekend and people took precautions like wearing masks.
That's OK in the eyes of some medical experts, but they say to always remember to be cautious.
President Joe Biden ordered the U.S. Labor Department to have companies with more than 100 employees require vaccinations or weekly tests to help combat coronavirus infections earlier this week.