Long Island on track to begin phase 1 reopening as coronavirus cases decline

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Long Island has remained on track for a Phase 1 reopening on Wednesday, as the state saw its lowest levels of new COVID-19 cases and deaths since the crisis began. 
The governor said there were about 200 new cases on Monday and 73 new deaths.
“In this absurd new reality, that is good news,” said Gov. Cuomo.
He is meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss “supercharging” New York’s reopening with a plethora of infrastructure projects, including fast-tracking the new Penn Station, LaGuardia International Airport and and cross-state transmission lines for renewable energy.
Construction and manufacturing companies can return to work during this phase.  Non-essential stores in the clothing, jewelry and electronic fields can also begin curbside pick-up.
After two weeks in each phase, officials will evaluate to see if Long Island is ready to move to the next phase.
Phase 2 will focus on professional services. In that phase, hair appointments and in-person real estate meetings can resume.
Phase 3 will focus on restaurants. With restrictions and safe practices put in to place like in every phase, dining inside of restaurants will be allowed.
Phase 4 is all about entertainment. Going to the movie theater or museum will happen once again when this phase is reached.
Long Islanders are still divided on reopening plans. 
Don Feeney from East Northport said, “I think it’s too slow. I’d have liked to have seen it reopen sooner because there are so many people out of work. It’s tough on a lot of people.”
Arnie Erler, of Kings Park, said reopening will not change much for him. He and his wife are vulnerable to coronavirus and don’t plan to leave their house for more than essentials.
“The fact is it doesn’t make that much difference for us. I’m staying away from crowds,” he added.
Erler said his concern is for health care workers after hearing about spikes in other parts of the country that have started reopening. 
He said, “It’s madness! These people are just about recovering their own sanity. And they are going to start all over again?”
Ryan Blank is a nurse at a local hospital. He said based on what they’ve been seeing, the reopening plan seems reasonable.
The Hauppauge resident said, “It’s important that people keep their distance and keep taking precautions like wearing masks.”
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