Long Island hospitals welcome back volunteers

NYU Langone is one hospital that welcomed back volunteers Thursday.

News 12 Staff

Jul 1, 2021, 8:37 PM

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Hospitals across Long Island are welcoming back volunteers who play a big part in helping things run smoothly.
NYU Langone is one hospital that welcomed back volunteers Thursday.
Before COVID, there were more than 400 volunteers ages 16 to 65 on the roster at NYU Langone. Jean Zebroski, director of volunteers, says volunteers do all different types of tasks such as directing people correctly to elevators and bringing games and books to patients.
Zebroski says volunteer Mickey Clifford has more than 8,000 hours -- the most of any volunteer. He has been at the hospital for more than 12 years.
"He's known on all the floors, and he also has been in various departments as well, so he's very special to us," Zebroski.
Clifford says he loves greeting people in the mailroom and helping to clean the wheelchairs and stretchers.
Patients like Tom Roccotogliata say even if you're at the hospital for just a few days the volunteers know you by name and it makes you feel special.
"There's people popping in all the time. It's amazing just to be asked how are you feeling, how are you doing." says Roccotogliata.
There's even a pet therapy program called WAG to help ease the pain and stress among patients.
Click here if you would like to volunteer. 

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