Long Beach ends 2-day celebration of 100th anniversary with ‘Centennial by the Sea’ event

The city of Long Beach is continuing its 100th anniversary celebration today.

News 12 Staff

Jun 5, 2022, 12:15 PM

Updated 687 days ago


Hundreds of Long Beach residents gathered at Kennedy Plaza Sunday for a special ceremony to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.   
A parade down National Boulevard to Kennedy Plaza kicked off the day’s festivities. 
Centennial bricks and a time capsule were dedicated at the plaza. A giant birthday cake shaped in the number 100 helped to commemorate the milestone.  
Many of the residents talked about how much they love their City by the Sea and feel lucky to be able to be part of the city’s 100-year history. 
Resident Liz Backman said it is the boardwalk and being able to look out at the ocean every day.  
Jana Arkow grew up in Long Beach and now works there as well.  
“It’s a wonderful community and it really holds tight to its residents,” Arkow said.  
Kathleen Ratzken said what she loves is the surfing, but also how “people are kind to each other.” 
“It’s a very multi-cultural city,” Miguel Rodriguez said. “The people are very caring. We really take care of each other here.” 
Residents reflected on the history of Long Beach – both good and bad. 
“Look at how we all came together after Sandy, Hurricane Gloria and the nor’easter of 1982,” Nassau Alt. Deputy Presiding Officer Denise Ford said.  
Ford remembered the city hugging and crying together after the events of 9/11. 

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