Long Beach calls on Army Corps of Engineers for additional jetty repairs

In the fight against erosion in Long Beach, there is a call Monday for more jetty repairs.
The city has called on the Army Corps of Engineers to repair all jetties and replenish the sand. Just last year, the Army Corps repaired 15 of the 22 jetties as part of the federally funded $130 million project.
City officials say while they know there is nothing that can be done that will completely protect them from erosion, rehabilitating the remaining jetties is key.
Long Beach Public Works Commissioner John Mirando says for the jetties that were rebuilt, large boulders on the end are sinking because they were not built on a base.
City officials say they fear if nothing is done, the water will soon be coming up to the dunes.
The Army Corps says there are no plans to reconstruct the other jetties, and went on to say coastal engineers studied the rates of erosions and carefully arranged locations of rehabilitations to provide the best possible reduction in erosion.
News 12 is told they will conduct annual inspections and reevaluate the project every five years.