Lock up: AAA says Long Island car thefts have spiked in 2020

Make sure you're locking your car doors - AAA says vehicle thefts have spiked during the pandemic.
AAA spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr. says car thefts on Long Island have shot up dramatically in 2020. In Suffolk County, 34% more cars were stolen this year in comparison to last year, and in Nassau County, car thefts are up by 22%.
He says that this is due to keys being left in vehicles or thieves accessing data from key fobs.
Experts say key fobs typically have a range of about 6 feet, which means if it's kept close to your front door, criminals outside could possibly steal the signal.
They say to keep key fobs in a metal box from preventing the signal from getting out or keep your car doors locked at all times.
News 12 reached out to both the Nassau and Suffolk police departments for comment.