LIRR plans to test battery-operated electric rail cars in Nassau

The Long Island Rail Road is going green as it looks to roll out battery-operated electric train cars.
An eight-month study is set to begin next month testing the feasibility of the batteries. The LIRR says it is partnering with Alstom to look at batteries that could allow electric rail cars to travel on diesel branches.
The first phase will also determine if and where recharging stations would be needed.
If they are successful, the LIRR will equip some of the electric cars in their fleet with batteries and test them out.
The LIRR says this could mean more reliable trains, less noise and a positive environmental impact.
"I see this as a truly transformational step we are taking at the LIRR," says LIRR President Phil Eng. "To improving the lives of thousands our customers who use these branches daily and the communities that adjoin us."
No passengers will be on the trains involved in the trials.
The LIRR says it is confident no other place in North America is testing out the tech it is about to put into action on the tracks in Oyster Bay and Port Jefferson.