LIJ Valley Stream nurse helps COVID-19 patients connect with families

COVID-19 patients admitted to Long Island Jewish in Valley Stream were connected to their families with help from a nurse.
Saige Amoruso is an emergency room nurse at the hospital.
Amoruso witnessed a coronavirus patient risking his life, wanting to leave the hospital, just to charge his phone to make a phone call.
That prompted Amoruso to create a Facebook page to make sure patients can connect to their families while they are in the hospital battling the virus.
"This was something I could do and I found something as small as a phone charger can change those last words for a patient and make a really big different for their families. The moment they got it, they plugged their phone in and I wish I knew exactly who was their first phone call. Who'd they call? Who'd they call first to say, 'I'm OK, I'm in the hospital, I'm still alive. I'm breathing,'" says Amoruso.
She says the next morning, she woke up with $2,500 in her Venmo account from people who wanted to help. Amoruso has now raised thousands of dollars to buy chargers for patients at four Long Island Hospitals. She has partnered with other nurses to create a network of charger donations.
If you'd like to donate, you can go to the Facebook page, Connecting Patients to Their Families.