LI State Veterans Home introduces VR to seniors

The Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook is providing some virtual reality to the seniors who live there.
Many of the veterans living at the home are wheelchair-bound or bed-ridden, and cannot venture further than the home’s grounds.
Chris Brickler, the CEO of MyndVR, says he wants to provide those with less mobility “the opportunity to enjoy these fantastic experiences.”
He says VR allows them to journey “around the world, to the moon, anywhere you can imagine.”
Vietnam veteran Albert Anderson suffers from PTSD. He says his virtual reality NASCAR experience helped drive away his anxiety.
“A big difference. I'm completely calm now, whereas I wasn't before,” says Anderson.
Grant money helped bring 10 VR sets to the nursing home. They will be available to the veterans at any time.
The center is the first state veterans home in the country to provide virtual reality to its seniors.