LI environmental, fishing groups take different sides on plan for wind farms off NY coast

You may start seeing wind turbines off the East Coast in the future. The Biden administration is taking steps to approve a new wind farm.
The federal plan would fast-track wind farms in the ocean just off the coast of Long Island and New Jersey. That plan is expected to create energy for millions of homes and tens of thousands of jobs in the name of moving toward renewable energy.
The plan accelerates permits, opens up federal waters in New York and New Jersey for wind power development and will create 30,000 megawatts of power.
Adrienne Esposito of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment says this was a long time coming.
"After years of delay, finally more wind energy areas will be designated in the New York Bight," she says. "That's the good news, the only way we are going to achieve our clean energy goals is by using offshore wind power as a clean, safe energy supply."
But not everyone is onboard concerning wind power. The LI Commerical Fishing Association says it will have a huge impact on their livelihood.
"To put these giant wind energy areas that, for most of the fisherman that fish in that area completely off limits because of the danger and then say 'Whoops, too bad, so sad, go somewhere else,' we've been providing food for our nation for over 400 years," says Bonnie Brady.
The goal is to get the offshore wind turbines in coastal waters nationwide by 2030. The Biden administration also plans to offer $3 billion in federal loans for offshore wind projects.