Island Vote: GOP hopeful takes on incumbent in Suffolk's 6th Legislative District

A Republican hopeful is taking on the Democratic incumbent in the race for the county legislative seat in Suffolk's 6th District.

Political newcomer Gary Pollakusky is a sports radio host and entrepreneur who is ready to take on politics.

Pollakusky is vowing to tackle the opioid epidemic, fight for clean water and fix the county's troubled finances.

"We're seeing our county residents leave in droves," says Pollakusky. "Our seniors are leaving, our businesses are leaving and our college grads are leaving."

His opponent, Democratic incumbent Sarah Anker, was first elected to office in 2011.

"I want to continue doing what I can to get the county in better fiscal shape," says Anker. "I want to address the health crisis, the drug dealers, the opioid issues and I want to help the environment."

Political expert Jerry Kremer predicts that with nearly a decade's worth of name recognition behind her, the Democrat has a good shot at winning in the normally conservative district.