Island Vote: Ex-Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray challenging for spot as town clerk

In a twist from most political races, the challenger for Hempstead town clerk might have more name recognition than the incumbent.
Hempstead Town Clerk Slyvia Cabana is a familiar face around Town Hall. But challenger Kate Murray is known very well after 13 years as Hempstead supervisor and a failed run for Nassau district attorney.
Cabana says when she took over the job of record-keeping for the town, she inherited an old and outdated system. She says she has revamped and modernized the office, adding some online functionality and updated payment systems.
Going forward, Cabana says she wants to continue adding technology and convenience for residents.
Murray, who was town clerk for a year before she was supervisor, says she has done the job before and can do it again.
"I am really proud that the programs that I instituted have stood the test of time and I am now looking, if I am lucky enough to be elected, to modernize some of those programs," says Murray.
Some might wonder why Murray is running for Hempstead clerk after spending so many years with the top job at Town Hall. Cabana believes she may have other political motivations.
"I don't really see that she has a genuine interest in being town clerk to be honest," says Cabana.
Some have speculated that Murray actually has her eyes on a possible run for Nassau executive in a few years. She says that's not the case.
"I am totally focused on being town clerk," says Murray. "That's my No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 focus."