Is your home haunted?

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You see them at night, those lights glowing on game consoles, cable boxes or your microwave oven. These devices continue to draw power day and night, even when they're turned off. It’s known as standby power or phantom load.
What's really scary is that these energy phantoms can cost you as much as $100 a year or more on your energy bills. Protect your home and your budget with these measures.
• Unplug rarely used devices, such as a TV and DVD player in the guest room.
• Plug multiple devices into a power strip for easy shut off with one switch.
• Use an advanced power strip, so one device controls others. For example, when you turn off the TV, it automatically shuts off power to the other devices.
• Purchase ENERGY STAR® -certified electronic devices, which typically draw less standby power than standard models.
• Timer outlets turn off lights and plugged-in devices based on a set schedule.
Now you can rest easier at night knowing that you've rid your home of energy wasting phantoms.