Infrastructure improvements coming to Hempstead school following voter approval on school budget

Teachers and students of ABGS Middle School in Hempstead are hoping to reap the benefits of two bond propositions that were approved by voters.
Principal Cary Gray says dozens of infrastructure improvements are coming to the school thanks to voter approval.
The school will be replacing windows, fixing the elevator, upgrading security, enlarging the cafeteria and more.
"With the refurbishing of the building, we hope to bring back our sixth grade students in our new, updated, 21st century learning building," Gray says.
Hempstead School Board President Olga Brown Young says the enhancements to AGBS Middle School and other schools in the district will be funded with several streams of projected revenue.
"These bonds will be receiving some state aid, so it's not just going to be that our community was going to have to absorb all of the costs," Brown Young says.
Students like seventh grader Jose Licona says he is excited about the changes coming to the school and the district.
"We've been trying to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in their school environment," Licona says.
District officials also say the education level will also be changing for the better.
They tell News 12 that three years ago, the graduation rate was 37% and this year, it's at 80%.