'It just put a spark in me': Woman with limited use of her hands creates artwork from shells

A retired art teacher living with scleroderma creates artwork from shells, called "sea flowers."

News 12 Staff

Apr 30, 2021, 9:52 PM

Updated 1,082 days ago


A woman with a disease that has left her hands curled and stiff is creating works of art from shells.
Babs Yandell, 76, created Sea Flowers despite suffering from the rare, body-crippling disease called scleroderma.
The retired art teacher still manages to create artwork from shells with a pair of tweezers and a glue gun.
“I think mine are unique because they are all different,” Yandell says. She says her Huntington home is full of sea flowers, an idea that she came up with several years ago.
Yandell says she witnessed a girl on the beach putting sea glass around a shell and hold it up to the light.
“And oh my God, it just put a spark in me,” Yandell says.
Many of Yandell’s creations are collected by family and friends from the area.
Yandell says that while there is no cure for the disease, she has found happiness in her craft.
Her productions can be found at the Tin Rooster in Northport.

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