Hundreds attend Lido Beach 9/11 memorial

? Several hundred Long Islanders gathered in Lido Beach Friday to honor those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks.
Attendees dropped carnations in a reflecting pool and prayed for victims on the eighth anniversary of Sept. 11. Retired firefighter Bob Beckwith, who stood with then-President George W. Bush on a pile of rubble at Ground Zero, says the anniversary is also a time to honor those who got sick volunteering at the World Trade Center site.
?It was a tough time for everybody,? says Beckwith. ?But the big thing now?we have to take care of these people who volunteered their time down at Ground Zero?and now they?re sick.?
Town of Hempstead officials say the Twin Towers replica and reflecting pool will remain in Lido Beach over the weekend for those wishing to visit and pay their respects.