Homeowners file lawsuit over potential wireless transmitter health risks

Two homeowners have filed a federal lawsuit over wireless facilities installed close to homes in Huntington and Oyster Bay.
Residents told News 12 Long Island that they do not want to be the "guinea pigs" for hundreds of cellphone poles that were installed without warning. They say that the radiation they emit is potentially harmful. 
"Who's held accountable?" asks Jodi Abraham, a Huntington resident. "I'm not going to wait for my family to get sick. We can't turn this thing off." 
The lawsuit pushes for tougher federal regulations, including routine testing and giving homeowners a say on where wireless technology can be installed.
"What is most troubling is that these facilities are both unregistered and untested. What that means is they're not registered with the FCC, and, in addition, the FCC never tests these facilities nor require the owners to test them," says attorney Andrew Campanelli.
Campanelli says there are hundreds of wireless facilities in Huntington and Oyster Bay. 
The Town of Huntington, which is named in the federal lawsuit, said it couldn't comment on pending litigation.