Home aide accused of stealing from disabled man

A woman who worked as a home aide is accused of stealing from the physically disabled man who she was hired to care for.
Police say Humadai Humadai, 59, of Oceanside, worked as a home aide to a man with Parkinson's disease. She lived with him at his home on Skillman Avenue.
Police say when they responded to the victim's house on Sunday, Humadai took off. She was arrested a short time later near the Green Acres Mall.
The victim's neighbor tells News 12 that she's seen many cars come and go from the house recently. She says she grew worried for her disabled neighbor.
"I was a little concerned that they could be taking advantage of him," she says.
According to police, Humadai had a prior warrant out for her arrest in another state. And posts on Facebook accuse her of being a con artist who took money from multiple people.
Humadai is now charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person.
She was arraigned in Hempstead Monday, according to police.
News 12 tried speaking with the victim about what happened, but no one answered the door at the home.