Holbrook area on alert after several recent burglaries at businesses

Business owners in the Holbrook area are concerned following at least four recent reported break-ins.
Deanna Donlon, of Oven Lovin’ Heros and Pizza, says she’s on high alert after two businesses within walking distance of her restaurant were burglarized.
“There hasn’t been anything like this,” Donlon says. “It’s just so scary to think about.”
Investigators say the suspect or suspects have tossed a large brick through a glass door, went behind the counter and grabbed cash or the entire register.
They usually leave the area in a few minutes.
Holbrook Chamber of Commerce President Rick Ammirati says he is putting out alert to other business owners and keeping in close contact with elected officials and Suffolk County police.
He is calling for more patrols in the area.
“I’d just like to see a little bit more coverage,” Ammirati says. “They are good but there’s never enough. And again, it’s a big deterrent when you see a police car patrolling the area.”
In a statement, the Suffolk County Police Department says “All pattern crimes are a priority for our department. Relevant intelligence is provided to our officers in patrol cars and constantly updated. The department has all stepped up patrols.”
“He shouldn’t be able to do this to anyone,” Donlon says. “No one should live in that kind of fear.”
Police have identified the incidents as a crime pattern, but are not saying if the same person is behind all of the break-ins.