Hempstead Town councilman: Parole should be denied for man convicted of killing NYPD officer from Massapequa in 1988

Todd Scott, one of four defendants convicted in the 1988 murder of NYPD Officer Eddie Byrne, is up for parole.
Byrne, of North Massapequa, was just 22 years old when he was killed in the line of duty.
Hempstead Town Councilman Chris Carini believes that Scott should remain behind bars.
He told News 12, “When it says 25 to life, it should be life because they took a life…”
He wrote a letter to the Board of Parole to “demand that his parole be denied.”
One of the co-defendants in the case was released last year.
The Department of Corrections says Scott is scheduled to appear before the Board of Parole this week and the board has up to two weeks to render a decision.