Hempstead town: Camper, staff member at Camp ANCHOR test positive for COVID-19

The Town of Hempstead says that two COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at Camp ANCHOR.
In a letter obtained by News 12, the town explains to parents that in the past 24 hours, a camper and a staff member both tested positive for coronavirus.
The town says it has taken steps to mitigate the risks to all involved and anyone who may have been exposed has been notified.
According to the town, at this time there is no indication that there is an increased risk to the camp as a whole.
Parents of children with special needs who attend the camp say they weren't immediately notified of the positive tests. The camp was already closed Friday due to weather.
"The only thing I received was due to inclement weather, camp was closed, but I wasn't notified -- 'Oh by the way, there's someone there that has COVID-19,'" says one parent.
The medical director for the Town of Hempstead says all people who had direct contact with the infected individuals were notified between Thursday night and Friday morning. He says staffers got a letter at 8 a.m. and parents at 8:30 a.m.
But the parent says she did not receive noticed until 1:25 p.m., adding, "That's not good enough for me, it isn't as if this child or the staffer were in a bubble."
Dr. Sara Siddiqui, a pediatrician at NYU Langone, says it's expected that we will continue to see isolated cases of coronavirus at camps and schools - but it's important to keep it contained.
"That's where tracing and isolation and the contact tracing is really going to play an important role as we open things up," she says.
A town spokesperson say the camp will be cleaned and reopen Monday.