Heat, lack of power proving to be a tough combination for many

As temperatures soar into the 90s, Long Island residents without power are struggling to keep cool.
Thousands across the Island are still without power from Isaias. PSEG says some people might not see power back until Wednesday.
The long period without electricity has left Kelly Miller and her Bethpage neighbors at their wit's end.
"We need help down here. We're suffering. It's hot," says Miller. "All they do is mislead us, misguide us, over-promise and under-deliver!"
Temperatures are projected to stay in the mid-80s on Long Island on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The lack of power has hit 78-year-old Emma Meyers, who has asthma, particularly hard.
"I've got to go into the bathroom, put cold water on so that I can breathe. This is since last Tuesday. How long does it take to get electric on?" says Meyers.
Cathy Treutlein is worried about how the heat is affecting her 65-year-old husband.
"My husband has a heart condition so it's been very difficult for him to sleep," she says. "I lost all my food and we keep on getting the run around."
And Tony Mattia's 83-year-old mother usually lives with him, but he has put her in a hotel for now until the power comes back at his house.
"I'm very worried about my mom. We stayed at a hotel on Friday night. We just booked a hotel for tonight and tomorrow night because as I said, she's 83 years old, I've got to get her somewhere where it's cool," says Mattia.
Dr. Randolph DiLorenzo, of Northwell Health, says some heat emergencies that can occur include heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. He offered some tips to keep cool:
"Taking a cool shower, dressing in light clothes, these are all things that anybody could do," says DiLorenzo. "Even being in the shade can be very very helpful and of course, what you want to do is drink as much fluids as you can."
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