Health officials warn of a possible 'twindemic' as people head back to the office

Health officials are warning that a possible "twindemic" may be in store this winter as more and more people head back to the office.
Officials say a twindemic is when the flu season and a spike in COVID-19 cases collide. They say the one-two punch was avoided last year due to lockdowns, social distancing and masking protocols.
"This winter, if we're a little bit more lax in any of those things, the likelihood is that the transmission of the flu will increase," says Dr. Chid IIoabachie, of LIJ Valley Stream.
Doctors at LIJ Valley Stream say they've seen cases of RSV in the emergency department. RSV is a respiratory virus that primarily affects children and is a sign that flu cases are not far behind.
"If we're seeing more and more of RSV in our children, especially, what that suggests is that the ability for other viruses to spread easily from person to person is also there," says IIoabachie.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials say people should get vaccinated for COVID-19 and the flu.
Still people like Vincent Russo, of Farmingdale, says he will not get a jab in his arm for any virus.
"I don't believe in vaccinations," says Russo. "I don't think it's mandatory. I think your body is what you want to do with it and how you want to do it."
The director of the CDC says it is safe and effective to get both the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine at the same time.