Half Hollow Hills School District proposes adding armed security guards outside school buildings

The Half Hollow Hills Central School District is considering adding armed security guards at each of their schools.
According to a letter from the superintendent, an armed guard would be stationed inside an unmarked vehicle at the perimeter of each school property during school hours.
The superintendent went on to say the armed guards would only enter the school in the event of an armed intruder.
Parents within the district are being asked to take a survey to give their opinions on the proposal.
The survey comes after a board meeting a couple of weeks ago about the current security in the district and what enhancing the security would look like if armed guards were added.
According to the school district, the armed security guard proposal would cost upwards of $1 million a year.
Other Long Island school district have already added armed guards including South Huntington, Montauk and Massapequa.