Greenport businesses add Narcan kits 2 years after overdoses killed 6 people in 48-hour span

Now, businesses like Greenport Harbor, Brewing Company and others are better equipped in the event of an overdose.

Joe Arena

Apr 1, 2023, 2:34 AM

Updated 421 days ago


Two years after several overdose deaths on the East End, a new program is now in place to prevent them.
Six people died in a 48-hour span after overdosing on Fentanyl-laced cocaine in Greenport back in 2021.
Now, businesses like Greenport Harbor Brewing Company and others are better equipped in the event of an overdose.
Through the joint efforts of Stony Brook University, East Hospital and the Greenport Business Improvement District, businesses now have the option to have Narcan emergency kits on site. This is something Richard Vandenburgh, who owns Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, says will save lives.
"It's not condoning anything, it's really just providing a tool that provides a rescue line for a brief period of time that hopefully someone brought back from the grips of death will use to get help," Vandenburgh says.
Vandenburgh's business isn't the only one that's committed to keeping Narcan kits on hand. Others out east, and even some businesses in Nassau County are on board.
Don Patane is a member of the Massapequa business community and a board member of the Yes Community Counseling Center. He is a financial advisor and his job requires meeting his clients at different locations.
Patane says he carries a Narcan kit with him wherever he goes.
"I carry this kit with me in my bag," Patane says. "Thank God I've never had to use it but it's there and I know how to use it."
More information on these Narcan rescue stations can be found here.

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