Gov't shutdown taking its toll on farmers, federal workers on LI

The partial government shutdown has Long Island’s federal workers and farmers on edge.

News 12 Staff

Jan 11, 2019, 5:14 PM

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The partial government shutdown has Long Island's federal workers and farmers on edge.
Farmers currently don't have access to federal crop payments and they can't get federally backed operating loans.
Those who have not certified their crop production yet also can't do so until the shutdown is over.
News 12's Jackie Lukas spoke with James Brazel, a national airspace operations manager for the FAA, who is missing a paycheck this weekend.
"It's been tough. We have to start thinking about things like how am I going to pay the mortgage? How am I going to pay my kid's tuition?" he says.
Brazel works to certify and repair the equipment that air traffic controllers use to keep travelers safe.
"The president talks about this [shutdown] could go on for months or years. We at the FAA, I don't know how they can run the agency like that," he says. "We're depressed already, to be honest with you."
Despite not receiving a paycheck, Brazel says he and the rest of the workers at the FAA will maintain their professionalism.
Some lawmakers have asked for personal care and food donations for Long Island workers impacted by the shutdown. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so HERE.

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