Gov. Cuomo: Venues can operate at 100% capacity if patrons are fully vaccinated

Venues can open with 100% if all patrons are fully vaccinated.

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2021, 9:20 PM

Updated 1,064 days ago


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that venues across the state now have the option to operate at 100% capacity.
The only catch is that everyone in attendance must be fully vaccinated.
Cuomo says it's a new strategy that could get more people to roll up their sleeves.
"It works for the venue, it also works for the public because it's another incentive to get vaccinated," says Cuomo. "And we're in the business now of creating incentives to get vaccinated."
James Dolce, the owner of Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown plans to open at full capacity to fully vaccinated people. Dolce says the club will likely rely on an honor system.
"Great news. Great news for us, for the staff, great news for comics and for the crowds," says Dolce.
Venues also have the 50-50 option, meaning half of attendees are vaccinated and the other half are not. That option, however, would limit the number of people allowed inside a venue.

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