Gov. Cuomo urges NY Legislature to pass 'Say Their Name' police reforms

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants New York to make police reforms and is urging other states to follow.
He says the “Say Their Name” police reform agenda includes a ban on chokeholds and makes false race-based 911 calls a hate crime.
He is urging the Legislature to pass the reforms next week in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which has sparked days of protests nationwide.
Gov. Cuomo also announced that the daily COVID-19 death toll dropped to a new low of 42.
  • Gov. Cuomo plays video of older man shoved and injured by police in Buffalo. "Who are we? How did we get to this place?"
  •  Gov. Cuomo: "Mr. Floyd's murder was the breaking point in a long list of deaths that were unnecessary and which were abusive. That is a fact. And people are saying 'Enough is enough.'"
  • Gov. Cuomo he wants the Legislature to pass the “Say Their Name” reform agenda. It was named for those who have died at the hands of police violence. 
  • The "Say Their Name" agenda includes transparency of officer records, a ban on chokeholds, false race-based calls to 911 should be a hate crime, and the attorney general as an independent prosecutor.
  •  Gov. Cuomo says 42 people died of COVID-19 on Thursday. It was 800 eight weeks ago.
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