'It's only halftime.' Gov. Cuomo says COVID battle still very real, announces 'aggressive' antibody testing

The governor warned against complacency as approximately 1,300 new hospitalizations were reported.

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Apr 19, 2020, 12:59 PM

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'It's only halftime.' Gov. Cuomo says COVID battle still very real, announces 'aggressive' antibody testing
•Gov. Cuomo says total hospitalizations are down again. 
•Governor says 'high point was a plateau.'
•'We are past the high point' and the state is on the descent, but what happens from here is up to residents. 
•Governor says number of intubations are down and that is very important.
•'Reality Check.'  We still have 1,300 people that came in, tested positive and were hospitalized. Less than it had been, but still 1,300 people.  
•Gov. Cuomo says health officials are watching for outbreaks throughout the state.  Says nursing homes are still a problem. 
•507 new fatalities reported yesterday, 474 in hospitals, 33 in nursing homes.  
•Despite decline in hospitalizations, Gov. Cuomo says 'it's only halftime.'
•Gov. Cuomo thanks health care workers and first responders for getting us 'to the other side' of the plateau. 
•Governor thanks other states in America who helped New York. 
•Gov. Cuomo tells other states that New York will be there for them in their time of crisis.  
•Gov. Cuomo says New York state to undertake most aggressive antibody testing survey in the nation over the next week.
•Governor says federal government needs to make sure new legislation assists states with reopening plans. 
•Gov. Cuomo says we have to stay smart.  Now is not the time to get arrogant as the weather gets warmer and cabin fever gets worse. 'We have to stay smart and we have to stay coordinated.'
•Governor says it's key to take lessons learned from the pandemic and incorporate them into the reopening. 
•Governor says heroic efforts by federal and state governments has led to much lower estimates of COVID-19 hospitalizations. 
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