Gov. Cuomo, 6 other governors working on plan to reopen economy

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he and the governors of five neighboring states are working on a plan for the eventual reopening of the economy.
Cuomo was part of a joint phone call Monday during which he said he plans to study data, research and other's countries' experiences to give guidelines on how to go forward.
He says that these recommendations on restarting the region's economy need to be released within weeks, but other than that, no timeline was given. That was tough to hear for local businesses.
"I would say at least 80% of the restaurants are closed," says Jack Palladino, owner of Christopher's Restaurant in Huntington. "In the beginning I would say some of the landlords were giving them relief on the rents, but after a couple of months the landlords are not going to be able to do that."
Palladino says even with the takeout business he's been doing, eateries as a whole are hurting. He says if the shutdown goes much longer, there won't be too many restaurants and shops to come back to when the economy does reopen.
"For myself personally, I am keeping my business open just to keep people employed but it's actually costing money to stay open," he says.
President Trump tweeted Monday morning that when it comes to reopening it is his decision, not the governors. He says a decision will be made by his office in conjunction with the governors and others.