NY schools, non-essential businesses to remain closed until April 29

-Total number of cases in NY now at 130,689 with 4,758 deaths.  Number of deaths increased from 4,159.
-Governor says daily number of deaths is 'effectively flat' for the last two days. Says there is a 'possible flattening of the curve.'
-Governor says hospitalizations and intubations is down, which is potential proof the curve is being flattened. 
-Gov. Cuomo says models are still in flex, things could change either way. 
-The governor says even if the state is at its plateau, it's a very high plateau and is stressing the health care system. 
-Gov. Cuomo says if the state is at its plateau, it's because social distancing is working and the practice must be continued. 
-Governor says 'surge and flex,' addition of military personnel and Javits Hospital are all helping relieve strain on the health care system. 
-Governor says due to lack of non-COVID patients, he is going to call President Trump to ask that the USNS Comfort be used to treat COVID-19 patients.  
-Gov. Cuomo extends PAUSE order, all schools and non-essential businesses to remain closed until April 29.
-Governor says now is not the time to be lax.  Still a very serious situation. 
-Gov. Cuomo says he's increasing maximum fine from $500-$1,000 for social distancing violations. 
-A fund will be set up for health care workers.  
-State is partnering with Headspace to help residents struggling mentally during this time: www.headspace.com/ny
-There is also an emotional support hotline: 1-844-863-9314
-Department of Labor will be partnering with Google to help with extreme number of unemployment claims. New interface should be rolling out later this week.
-Governor says in the state, no hospital that needs ventilators does not have them. 
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