Good Samaritans spring into action to help man hurt in Hicksville industrial accident

A man working in Hicksville ran to a local business for help after he severed his arm while on the job.
It happened around 1 p.m. Friday. Onel Serano and his coworkers say they heard screaming in the area when suddenly a man in his 20s ran into their store with a part of his arm missing.
The injured man works at 190 Lauman Lane in Hicksville, right next to Serano's steamfitters warehouse. Serano says the man said he got his arm caught in a machine used to make dough.
"He was just asking for help, he was conscious enough that he was on his phone, trying to call his boss," he says.
Serano says he and his coworkers jumped into action to stop the bleeding. He says they used a belt to make a tourniquet for the man.
Serano says police arrived about 10 minutes later, and put on a new tourniquet. Police also  took the arm in hopes that it could be reattached.
Serano says he believed he saved the man's life. "It was instinct, you got to stop the blood, you see it plenty of times on television, you just have to hold the blood, and it held, it literally stopped the bleeding, but it was a bad, bad accident," he says.
Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were on the scene of the accident.
The condition of the injured man is unknown. It is unclear if his arm will be reattached.