Glen Cove’s financial state at center of latest mayoral race

Glen Cove mayor Pamela Panzenbeck is running against former Nassau County comptroller George Maragos.

News 12 Staff

Oct 31, 2023, 9:52 AM

Updated 227 days ago


The race for mayor in Glen Cove features an incumbent who has made strides in improving the city’s financial outlook against a former country comptroller who says he can do better.
Glen Cove mayor Pamela Panzenbeck says she's proud of her two years as mayor -- pointing to the city's improved fiscal outlook and the restoration of parks and public spaces.
Meanwhile, George Maragos is the former Nassau County comptroller and banking executive who is challenging the incumbent.
At issue in the race is the city's financial state, which analysts have warned about for many years.
The state comptroller's office says Glen Cove's outlook has improved during the Republican Panzenbeck's two years in office, and Moody's upgraded the city's credit rating.
However, the same comptroller's report finds the city is still "susceptible" to fiscal stress, and the Democrat Maragos says it’s still not good enough.
Glen Cove residents have chosen both Republicans and Democrats to serve as mayor in recent years, and on the city council.  There have been major upsets, and some elections have been decided by razor thin margins.
“I want to bring my expertise. My business expertise, my government expertise, to make this place, this city of Glen Cove a much better place,” said Maragos.
“I love Glen Cove, and it shows, and I really would love to keep the momentum going,” says Panzenbeck.

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