Funeral services held for man killed in Westchester plane crash

Funeral services were held Sunday for Boruch Taub, one of the victims in Thursday’s Westchester County plane crash.   
Boruch Taub and Ben Chafetz were flying back to Cleveland from John F. Kennedy International Airport in a small, single engine plane. 30 minutes into the flight, Taub, the pilot, reported an engine oil problem. The plane began losing altitude and eventually crashed in a wooded area at Loudin Point, killing them both.     
Taub and Chafetz were both members of the Jewish community in Cleveland, who have been devastated by their passing.   
A team of 16 first responders traveled through rough terrain to retrieve their bodies from the scene.   
"We helped provide closure for the family,” said Major Drew Teichman, of Civil Air Patrol. "We were also waiting for the representative that the family had asked to make sure Orthodox traditions were followed. Obviously, the victims had to be handled properly." 
Westchester County Executive George Latimer praised the first responders’ team for their professionalism and sensitivity. 
"We understood that in order to be appropriate, we had to take certain actions, and we would have done that for anybody regardless of what those traditions were,” he said.  
Two-hundred people gathered for the Taub’s funeral ceremony at Berkowitz-Kumin-Bookatz chapel in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He leaves behind his wife and five children.