Freeport couple says National Grid work caused heat outage at their home, utility says home failed pipe test

A Freeport couple is dealing with no heat in their home just as temperatures are starting to dip.
Ollie Bazemore lives on St. Mark's Avenue and says his house has been without heat or hot water since the National Grid did work on their street.
Her daughter-in-law Noret Bazemore says crews have been replacing gas lines all around the neighborhood, but everyone else's gas was restored.
She says she can't get the utility to help. "I called the same emergency number and they were extremely dismissive, rude and told us we had to call the customer service line..." Noret Bazemore says.
News 12 reached out to National Grid for a response on the situation.
A spokeswoman says that National Grid has been in the area as part of its Pipeline Safety Program, which meant shutting off the main line and replacing older pipes and then testing the lines into homes before gas is turned back on.
The spokesperson says the customer failed the home pipe test and were already told that they have to get a plumber to look at the gas lines inside their home. Utility says there could be leaks in the pipes and the homeowner didn't know about it.
The company says since the pipes that didn't pass are inside the home, the homeowner needs to call a plumber to get it fixed, adding National Grid will not turn on gas to a home when it's not safe.
The spokesperson say a National Grid crew came by Thursday to do the home pipe test again to see if anything has changed, and the home failed again.
Noret Bazemore says National Grid should pay since there were no problems before.