Flyer for Smithtown rally showing business on fire sparks concern among residents

Some Smithtown residents said they were worried of possible violence Sunday after a Black Lives Matter rally flyer circulated on social media.
The flyer for the Black Lives Matter protest included an image of a business on fire.
The organizer of the protest posted online saying that the imagery on the flyer was inflammatory, but she and others who attended the rally told News 12 that destruction is not their intention.
Police and town officials say they've gotten calls of concerns from residents over Sunday's protests in Smithtown. Police were seen at the demonstrations making sure everything stayed calm.
Suffolk police and the Town of Smithtown released a joint statement saying they are "working cooperatively with all stakeholders and event organizers to ensure these events are and remain peaceful, public safety is maintained, and the rights of all are protected."
One protester says she did experience a confrontation where someone ripped up a sign and cursed while demonstrating on West Main Street in front of Stop and Shop.
As protesters called for an end to racial injustice, some Stop and Shop shoppers passing by said they weren't concerned about the event.
Several other protests took place islandwide on Sunday, including in Farmingdale, Glen Cove and Cederhurst.
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