Floral Park residents voice frustration over ongoing LIRR track switch work

Residents in Floral Park gathered for a meeting Monday to voice their frustration over ongoing work for the LIRR third track project.
"Severe vibrations. Sounded like an earthquake. Felt like an earthquake, and everything started shaking," says Gina Martinez, who lives parallel to the LIRR Hempstead line.
Martinez says in January, the track work began and has been causing major headaches for everyone. She says workers have been in her backyard for months and that they damaged steppingstones and fencing.
According to Martinez, steppingstones and a retaining wall at her home are cracking because of the heavy machinery used to complete the work.
"A lot of the additional cracks and cement that are falling we never had this," says Martinez. "I have a car in the garage. I'm afraid it's going to collapse. Things are falling off.
Martinez is just one of many residents who spoke about concerns at the meeting with Three TC, the company contracted to do the track work.
The company says it's not adding additional tracks. It says workers are installing a switch enabling a train to go from one track to another.
Martinez says she understands progress has to be made and changes come with that, but she wants transparency and communication with it.