First responders in Huntington say new road medians making it difficult to respond to emergencies

Some first responders in the town of Huntington say new road medians are making it difficult to respond to emergencies.
Volunteer first aid and fire officials in the town of Huntington say that New York's Department of Transportation has created a bump in the road that is not only dangerous, but keeps them from responding quickly to a call.
They say several medians that were placed along traffic-jammed Route 110 in Huntington - supposedly for pedestrians - are creating a hazardous environment.
"One of the strange things about these - you would expect these to be placed at the intersections where pedestrians should cross, but a number of these are in the middle of blocks," says Chief Mike Como, of the Huntington Community First Aid Squad.
Of the five medians that are along Route 110, fire officials say the worst one is right in front of the firehouse.
Huntington Community First Aid Chief Charles Fusaro says it also blocks emergency vehicles from exiting, and that driving on it could cause damage to the apparatus.
Como says it also blocks access for an ambulance driver to get around traffic.
"Also, if we have a patient onboard it and we go over one of those medians, it is a great discomfort to our patients, so it has been a detriment to us," he says.
The first responders say their request to have the medians removed has fallen on deaf ears.
The DOT issued a statement saying, "We revised the project to better accommodate emergency vehicles while still ensuring pedestrian safety."
The Huntington Community First Aid Squad says it responds to 6,000 calls each year.  The squad, along with the Huntington Manor Fire Department, use Route 110 for every call.