Findlay Ave. tenants: Watch your step on front stoop

Some tenants at 1108 Findlay Ave. say they?ve been watching their front entrance steps deteriorate for months, and they want something done about it.
The building?s management came to fix the staircase a few weeks ago. However, the city ordered the job to be stopped because the work was being done without a permit. Since then, residents say they can?t even use their front entrance.
Tenants say they have to go through the basement and through a dark alley to the back of the building to get inside. Many say it is time for management to take responsibility and do what it needs to get the steps fixed once and for all.
The building?s management told News 12 The Bronx it is waiting on permit plans to be approved by the city. City officials, however, say they have no requests on file from the building.