Financial planner: Trump's plan to return to normal soon is a 'disaster in the making'

The stay-at-home order is crippling the economy and has some people wondering if it is too much.

President Donald Trump said his administration would reassess whether to keep the economy shuttered after the initial 15-day period, which ends Monday.

Trump said he is hoping the country will be open before Easter.

He also said certain parts of the country could reopen sooner than others. But some health, medical and financial experts question whether that is a smart move.

"Honestly I think that's a disaster in the making," said financial planner Michael Kresh. "Anytime we try to put the economy over people's health, particularly under the circumstances where we do not know how far this is going to spread, it is an enormous disaster in the making."

Mental health experts are also weighing in, saying hearing the word "normal" from the president sends mixed messages and typically in disaster situations people do not do well with mixed messages.

"People will start to feel confused," said disaster mental health worker Jennifer Bohr-Cuevas. "My fear is that people will start to take that message seriously and stop abiding by social distancing rules that we're living by."