Feeding Farmingdale effort helps raise money for Long Islanders needing food during COVID-19 pandemic

A new musical effort is helping raise money for Long Islanders struggling to put food on the table during the pandemic.
The owner of the Nutty Irishman and 317 Main Street, Joseph Fortuna, has been streaming concerts online as the public can't come to shows due to social distancing guidelines.
Fortuna has also started an effort, Feeding Farmingdale, where people watching the live shows can donate money to feed people.
Saturday night's concert at 317 Main Street featured a band called Five Stone. Some of the band members also work in the medical field.
The singer, Diane Wagner, is a nurse, and the keyboard player, Greg Spisak, is a doctor. They've both been helping patients with COVID-19.
Coronavirus has also impacted the band personally. Five Stone's bassist Angelos Papadatos sadly lost his father to the virus, and drummer Eric Diaz was hospitalized due to virus-related complications, but has since recovered.
Feeding Farmingdale has raised more than $5,000. Live concerts are streamed every Friday and Saturday night on social media.
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