Federal Reserve survey: About 33% of NY businesses could fold without government support

A survey by the Federal Reserve found about one-third of New York-area businesses would run out of money if revenue continues at the current level and they don't get more federal help.
As Congress recesses without reaching a stimulus deal, millions of small business owners are left wondering how they'll stay afloat.
Eileen Tyznar, of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce, says the village has lost two small businesses so far, and many others are just hanging on.
"It angers me that they can't come to an agreement in an immediate amount of time, because every day profits are lost and the more these days accumulate of profits being lost for these businesses, they will never be able to recuperate," says Tyznar.
A recent New York Federal Reserve survey found about one-third of area businesses would fold without government support. Manufacturers said they would become insolvent in an average of just six months, while service sector firms said they'd go under in an average of eight months.
"If this continues for a couple of more weeks, we're going to see, in my opinion, a very dramatic decline in the economy overall, much, much higher unemployment and then the whole multiplier effect will begin to kick in," says Hofstra economics professor Martin Melkonian.
Economists say once the downward spiral starts, more job losses, leading to less consumer spending, more business closures and more job losses can lead to an even deeper downturn that permanently damages the economy for years to come.