Family pressing charges over claims they were racially assaulted on LIRR

A Long Island family is pressing charges against a couple they say racially assaulted them while riding the LIRR.
Elizabeth Edelkind took her son to his first professional basketball Monday night. The two were on the train with her husband and friends when she says she was verbally harassed with the use of racial slurs. Edelkind says her family also had beer thrown on them.
A video taken by someone on the train shows an aggravated man saying, "I'm going to get arrested tonight. Don't look at me. These foreigners ain't taking over my country."
Edelkind says the video is short, but many more racist marks were said.
"Then we start hearing things like bad words, immigrants, go back to your country, you don't pay taxes, you don't belong here, you have no rights in this country, foreigners," says Edelkind.
Edelkind, who has been a U.S. citizen for more than two decades, says she wants her main message to be peace.
"I want to unite us. I don't want people to be acting up against immigrants anymore because unless you are of Native American descent, we are all immigrants," says Edelkind. "There is no reason that you can treat somebody without dignity or respect based on how they look or how they sound."
Empire Toyota of Huntington confirms that the man and the woman in the video were formerly employed there. They have since been let go.