Experts: Self-care can help improve your mental health

During Mental Health Awareness Month, medical experts are encouraging people to work on improving their mental health.
In a new CVS Health study, doctors reported a large number of their patents suffer from mental health issues. For many people, self-care can help.
"It's really important that they don't become numb to the fact that there are things they can do to improve their mental health and you need to get out front and not wait until people are in crisis," says Cara McNulty, of CVS Health.
Limiting time on social media can be beneficial as it can increase anxiety, depression, sadness and loneliness.
Exercise is also known to help with mental health because of the endorphins released to the brain.
Activities such meditating, doing breathing techniques and journaling also have the same impact.
"I always want to talk about really practicing gratitude," says Dr. Jennifer Zumarraga from El Camino Health. "And reminding ourselves of the things we are grateful for that we have in our lives."
Dr. Zumarraga tells News 12 because of pandemic isolation, connecting to others is important for mental wellbeing.
"Really reaching out to family members and friends and really trying to build those friendships and get support from other people is going to be really important for our mental health and self-care," says. Dr. Zumarraga.