Executive Bellone says Tom Spota must resign

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone is urging District Attorney Tom Spota to resign following his arrest Wednesday on four federal charges. 
Late Wednesday afternoon, Bellone released a statement that read, "As I have said many times before, Tom Spota must resign. The person holding the awesome power to decide whether people go to jail or not cannot effectively serve under federal indictment for corruption."
The irony surrounding the fall from grace of Suffolk County's top law enforcement officials was not lost on Bruce Barkett – the lawyer for Christopher Loeb. 
"It is ironic that it happened with one kid who was breaking into cars, who said, 'I'm not taking this,'" Barkett told News 12 Long Island
After Loeb stole a duffle bag from former police chief James Burke's SUV, he was roughed up by the chief – who then tried to cover it up. Burke pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 46 months. 
That event has now led to District Attorney Tom Spota's arrest, along with one of his top aides. They are accused of helping Burke cover up the incident.  
Barkett said he has known and liked Spota for many years, and that Spota has generally treated him well – both personally and professionally. That said, Barkett added that he was disappointed, but not surprised, by the accusations against Spota.
"It's a terrible way to end a career," said Barkett.